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The Bird Rock Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) provides enhanced maintenance services in addition to those provided by the City of San Diego (City). These include maintenance of the public landscaping associated with the traffic-calming improvements along La Jolla Boulevard and adjacent residential side streets, graffiti removal, sidewalk sweeping, and minor capital projects.

The MAD is managed by the Bird Rock Community Council (BRCC) which is responsible for preparing the annual draft budget, retaining contractors, and overseeing and administering the maintenance services. The City holds the assessment funds; reimburses the BRCC for verified and allowed expenses; conducts a quarterly inspection; and reviews annual audits of the BRCC financial records.

The MAD encompasses the Bird Rock area bounded on the west by the Pacific Ocean; on the north by La CaƱada Street; on the east by Folsom Drive, Bellevue Avenue, Linda Rosa Avenue, and La Jolla Mesa Drive; and on the south by Bellevue Place, Bird Rock Elementary School / Bird Rock Park, the Park La Jolla property, and Wrelton Drive.


In September 2004, the Bird Rock community initiated the formation of an assessment district. The goal was to assume responsibility for maintenance of the public landscaping associated with the planned traffic-calming improvements along La Jolla Boulevard and nearby residential streets. This effort culminated in March 2005 with over 30% of the property owners signing a petition agreeing to the formation of the district.

Bird Rock was the first to qualify for the City's new program (Council Policy 100-21) whereby the City advanced the cost of forming the district ($38,000) in exchange for repayment with the first year assessment.

The community formally approved the formation of the MAD via mail-in ballot in July 2005. The approval included the stipulation that the MAD be managed by the BRCC, under contract to the City, rather than be managed by City staff. The ballot also included approval of an initial maximum assessment of $90 per year per single family home, about $63 per year per condominium, and $460 per year per typical-sized commercial property. The maximum allowable assessment rate increases yearly, is determined by the City, and is tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

In August 2005, the San Diego City Council certified the ballots and approved the formation of the Bird Rock MAD. Upon certification, the BRCC began negotiations with the City for a maintenance agreement which successfully concluded with the first annual contract. The City has renewed its contract with the BRCC each year since. The BRCC assumed responsibility for some maintenance services in the spring of 2006 and for all landscaping in 2009.

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