About BRCC

About the BRCC

The mission of the Bird Rock Community Council is to engage in all activities that enhance the growth and improvement of Bird Rock as a vibrant and diverse neighborhood, including:
  • Administering the Bird Rock Maintenance Assessment District
  • Enhancing the quality of public amenities in the neighborhood
  • Supporting educational, cultural, artistic, charitable, and community service activities
  • Improving the quality of life and economic well-being of Bird Rock residents, property owners, employees and businesses
  • Promoting a safe and inviting village atmosphere
  • Maintaining a healthy business environment along La Jolla Boulevard
  • Honoring Bird Rock's history and preserving its unique identity within the community of La Jolla 

2015 Board Members
  • Andrew Ward, President
  • John Newsam, Vice President
  • Barbara Dunbar, Treasurer
  • Tim Brictson, Secretary
  • Ron Fineman 
  • Michelle Fulks
  • Lake Price
  • Greg Wadsworth
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